Is In-Office Teeth Whitening Right For You?

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures out there—and for good reason. You are able to improve your appearance without invasive surgery. Some in-office treatments are as little as $300, which is reasonably priced compared to other cosmetic procedures. There are minimal risks, and the results can last a very long time. Before you invest in in-office whitening, you need to ask yourself a few questions to make sure this procedure is right for you. Read More 

Reasons To Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

If your dentist tells you that you should have your wisdom teeth extracted, the first thought you might have is whether this is really necessary. Wisdom teeth do not always need to be extracted, but most dentists recommend removing them to avoid problems in the future. If your dentist recommends this procedure, there are probably reasons for it, and here are some of the reasons you should get your wisdom teeth removed if your dentist recommends it. Read More 

3 Ways Osteoporosis Can Be Detected From Your Mouth

While your physician can diagnose osteoporosis through bone density testing, X-rays, and a physical examination, your dentist may see signs of this degenerative disorder long before you develop other symptoms. Osteoporosis can develop in both men and women, however, it is most common in women who are nearing menopause. Here are some signs that your family dentist might observe during an oral examination that may lead to the diagnosis of osteoporosis: Read More 

Losing An Adult Tooth: What You Need To Know

Losing a permanent tooth can be a scary situation for anybody. Not only can accidents involved in losing a tooth be painful, but the resulting blood loss can also be shocking. Hopefully, you'll never be in a position where you lose an adult tooth, but if you are, knowing what steps to take following the incident can increase your chances of being able to save your tooth. Save the Tooth (If Possible) Read More 

Periodontal Disease Questions And Concerns

There are many oral health problems that you may find yourself developing during your life. When these problems arise, you may face potentially painful and cosmetically embarrassing issues. In particular, periodontal disease is one of the more serious matters that you may experience, and you will want to review the basics of this condition so that you can protect your smile from it. Why Is Periodontal Disease Serious? If a patient is suffering from periodontal disease, they may find that their gum tissue is becoming easily inflamed and painful. Read More