Perio Protect - A Simple Yet Innovative Way For Diabetics To Prevent Gum Disease

Did you know that a health risk associated with diabetes is gum disease? If you struggle to maintain your blood sugar levels, there are major repercussions on your body – one of which is inflammation in the gums which can lead to tooth loss. Do you want to take action before the disease strikes? A simple yet innovative way to help prevent gum disease is to use Perio Protect.

What Causes Gum Disease?

There are two main culprits of gum disease – biofilm and bacteria. Biofilm is the somewhat slimy layer that builds up on your teeth throughout the day. When not regulated, biofilm helps to hold in bacteria, which then form pockets between your teeth and on your gums. As the pockets grow, your gums become infected and periodontal disease sets in.

People with diabetes are more at risk for disease than those without it because their high blood sugar levels give bacteria more to live off of. Sugar is found in higher concentration both in your blood and saliva. The higher sugar levels also causes blood vessels to thicken, making it harder for nutrients to pass through to the body. These nutrients are necessary for fighting infection and promoting healing.

How Does Perio Protect Prevent Gum Disease?

Perio Protect is used between dental visits to prevent biofilm and bacteria from growing. When you see your dentist, plaque buildup is removed as part of the cleaning process. Even if you go to the dentist regularly, however, bacteria grows back at an accelerated rate for those with diabetes. But using Perio Protect can delay growth and infection until your next visit.

The procedure takes only a few minutes each day. Your dentist will make customized dental trays for you to wear and decide on the right solution for you to use. When you wear the cartridges over your teeth, the solution helps break down biofilm and bacteria to prevent infection. Pretty simple, right?

How Effective is Perio Protect for Diabetics?

While few statistics are available, Perio Protect is considered an effective way to help prevent gum disease in diabetics. If you know you are at risk for periodontitis, the best step is always try and prevent it. Preventing disease can also help you control your diabetes. When inflammation sets in, bacteria enters your blood stream, which results in worse diabetic symptoms. The diseases feed off of one another, yet controlling one will reduce the effects of the other.

To keep bacteria from entering your bloodstream and spreading throughout your body, you should consider a preventative option like Perio Protect. According to the producers, "blood sugar levels decreased and stayed lower for 3 months" following gum disease treatment and prevention.

Where do I get Perio Protect?

If you are interested in Perio Protect as a preventative method, talk to your dentist. If your dentist doesn't use the method, they should be able refer you to one who does. Whoever you end up seeing about it, make sure that you let them know that you have diabetes and are at a higher risk for periodontitis than other patients. The bacteria-fighting solution is made specifically for each person, so knowing your health history will help your dentist mix the right ratios together.

High blood sugar is only one difficulty diabetics face. Increased risk of gum disease is another major concern. If you focus on preventing gum disease, it is likely you will be able to lower your overall blood sugar levels, as well. A simple yet innovative way to do this is to use Perio Protect, dental trays with bacteria-fighting solution that keep your teeth healthy between visits.