Four Reasons Why Dental Implants Are Almost Always Worth The Cost

Dental implants are in a difficult category when compared to other medical procedures. On one hand, lost teeth aren't typically a matter of life and death. On the other hand, the benefits of dental implants are much more profound than purely aesthetic procedures. This makes it hard for patients to make decisions about whether or not implants are right for them.

In reality, the decision to go forward with dental implants should be easy--they're almost always worth a great deal more to the patient than the cost of the procedure. Four major benefits stand out as the most compelling reasons why this is the case.

Reason #1--Better Oral Health

Your teeth are designed to work together in order to begin the digestion process. However, they also serve as a physical barrier that helps protect your gums and other teeth in your mouth. When one tooth is lost, this physical protection is compromised--leading to an increased risk for damaged teeth or gums in the future.

Implants recreate that physical barrier, allowing your teeth to function as intended. After you've received your implants, there won't be any exposed teeth, roots, or gums to worry about. On top of that, modern implants are easily maintained with typical brushing and flossing--saving you money in the long run when compared to other alternatives.

Reason #2--Heightened Self-Confidence

In this digital age, your photo is more important than it has ever been before. From online networking to social media, you're defined by your profile picture in a wide variety of contexts. That makes your smile an important asset in many daily endeavors that might not have required a photo in the past.

Implants will give you the confidence you need to smile big and bright when you're living your life. You'll be better equipped to put yourself in social situations both online and in the real world. This will undoubtedly lead to greater opportunities and personal satisfaction.

Reason #3--Improved Diet and Digestion

The absence of teeth makes it difficult to eat certain types of food. You might find yourself avoiding certain types of healthy foods, such as fruits and nuts. It also makes the process of chewing labored and inefficient. This can be a major problem--studies show that increased chewing allows your body to retain more of the vitamins and nutrients from the food that you eat.

Dental implants make the act of chewing as simple as it was when you were a child. Chewing your food up to 30 times each bite isn't an issue when you have a full set of functioning teeth to work with. You'll be able to choose from any variety of food and eat it correctly, every time.

Reason #4--Increased Workplace Success

It probably doesn't come as a shock, but studies have proven that white, symmetrical teeth are a sign of physical attractiveness. That's probably why so many actors and actresses seem to have large, broad smiles. It's also the reason that people who are dealing with tooth loss can find themselves feeling self-conscious and insecure.

Similarly surprising is the idea that attractiveness can determine your wages and your likelihood of promotion. While improving your personal appearance is no guarantee of a meteoric rise to corporate dominance, the research indicates that it certainly can't hurt your cause. Implants, therefore, can be a factor in your favor if you're trying to improve your success at work.

Affordable, modern implants carry a number of benefits for anyone that's dealing with tooth loss. While the financial commitment can be scary, and while every medical procedure can create anxiety in a patient, the benefits of dental implants are so significant that these hesitations should be easily discarded. For more information, contact a professional such as Dale D. Lentz DDS.