All About How Dental Implants Feel

If you are going to be having one or more implants put in your mouth, then you may be most anxious about the way it will feel, not only while you are having them put in, but also while you are healing and even afterward. The information provided below will help you to feel more prepared for going in for implants.

When you are getting the implants put in

The very first thing you want to understand is you aren't going to really feel the dental implants being put in. It is very likely that you will be put under, which means you will be in more of a sleeping state. If you aren't put all the way under, you will still be given medication to make it so you don't feel or even remember the procedure.

Of course, if you have any contraindications or bad reactions to certain sedatives, then you need to talk with a dentist, like John P Poovey DMD PC, about your options beforehand.

While you are healing up from the procedure

The dentist will make sure you are sent home with medication that will help you to deal with the pain. You need to make sure you take the medication as prescribed instead of taking it later after you are really hurting. The medication is supposed to prevent too much pain, and taking it as stated on the label is what will keep you the most comfortable while you are healing. Be very careful and don't eat hard foods while healing because the medication can prevent you from feeling the pain of biting down too hard, and you may feel the soreness and pain it caused later on.

After you have healed from having the dental implants put in

Once you have healed completely from having the dental implants put in, you will notice that you don't even think about them. This will be due to the fact that they will feel just like all of your other teeth do. The crown that's attached to the implant will have been designed to go right in line with your other teeth, so there won't be any reason for it to feel different or as if it doesn't belong. You will be able to eat just fine, talk as you normally would if you still had all your real teeth, and smile without feeling worried about anyone knowing that the tooth isn't real. However, you will still need to be sure to be just as careful with the implant as you are with all your other teeth, brushing and flossing it right along with the rest.