Ignoring a Chipped Tooth? What to Do

If you have a chip on one of your teeth that you didn't get treatment for immediately after it got damaged, there are some different things you can do to help treat the chip, even after time has passed. You want to preserve the rest of the tooth and keep it healthy as long as you can in order to help maintain your overall health. Here are a few of the things you want to look into doing so you don't have to worry about the tooth rotting and falling out.

Get a Crown

If the root of the tooth is still in good condition and it's only the top part of the tooth that's damaged, you'll want to have a crown put on the tooth. These can be made with a white material so it looks like your natural tooth, and the crown is cemented over the chip to protect the rest of the tooth. This is an easy and affordable dental procedure to have completed, and it could help extend the life of the tooth for years.

Have the Root Replaced

The root of the tooth can be replaced with a root canal if the chip has allowed bacteria to do damage to the root. You don't want the tooth to become infected because of the exposed root. The old root will be extracted, the tooth's root canal will be impacted, and then a crown will be put on.

Replace the Tooth

If the tooth is damaged all the way to the gum line, the best option for repair may be to get the tooth extracted and to have the tooth replaced with a permanent implant. The permanent implant will replace the tooth completely, look natural, be easy to maintain, and can last for a lifetime if you care for it like you should all of the teeth in your mouth.

If a chip in your tooth is starting to bother you and you haven't had it repaired, you want to get to a dentist right away to have the problem treated. You don't want to have a problematic smile or poor oral health because you didn't get the chipped fixed in time. Talk with the dental professionals at practices like Demianko Dental Care in your area to see whether a crown, root canal, or permanent implant is the best option to fix your chipped tooth and end your discomfort.