Caring For Porcelain Veneers: Three Things To Know

Porcelain veneers offer a great way to improve your smile, whether you have damaged or stained teeth. Your cosmetic dentist can put these veneers in place to provide you with a beautiful smile for years to come, but you'll want to take care of them to get the best results. Here are just some of the ways you can properly care for your dental veneers.

Get Routine Dental Care

Seeing your dentist regularly is a key way to maintain your oral health and keep your veneers looking great. In addition to your regular cleanings and checkups, talk to your cosmetic dentist about having your veneers polished. He or she may want to perform this routine maintenance more often than your dental cleanings, so be sure to ask how often you should come in for a polish. Polishing can help to reduce visible stains on the veneers.

Avoid Bad Habits

Chewing on pencils and pens or other non-food items can damage your veneers. If you have a chewing habit, talk to your dentist about ways you can reduce this behavior to keep your veneers in great shape. Bruxism, or tooth grinding, also cause damage, so if you suffer from bruxism, you may want to have your dentist recommend treatment options. Your dentist may recommend wearing a mouth guard to sleep if you grind your teeth during the day.

Watch Out For Stains

Just like your tooth enamel, porcelain veneers can become stained over time. Coffee, red wine, and soda are just some of the beverages that can cause stains, so enjoy them in moderation and thoroughly brush your teeth after indulging in any of these beverages. Smoking can also cause your veneers to become stained, giving you just one more reason to consider kicking the habit. If you do see a stain form on your veneers, talk to your cosmetic dentist to reduce the appearance of the stains. Your dentist can also provide you with a more extensive list of foods and drinks to avoid. Remember that veneers won't necessarily prevent your teeth from developing cavities, so you'll still want to watch your diet and avoid eating foods that can lead to tooth decay.

If you don't already have porcelain veneers and you think they might be right for you, talk to your cosmetic dentist like Cosmetic Dental Studios: Victoria Veytsman, DDS. You may find that porcelain veneers are the right solution for restoring your beautiful, sparkling smile.