Poor Dental Habits You Need To Stop Immediately

Your dental habits may be what is causing your teeth to easily break, rot, stain, and could also be the cause of your bad breath as well. These poor dental habits may also cause you other issues as well, including gingivitis and receding gums. If you have poor dental habits, it's time to make a change now. Read on for some poor dental habits you may have and what you should be doing differently to help give you a healthier smile.

Eating Hard Candy

Eating candy of any kind is a no-no in the dental world, but if you eat a lot of hard candy, it could end up harming your teeth. Your teeth could chip because of the hardness of the candy when you bite down on it, and the sugar in the candy itself can also be harmful to your health. If you eat a lot of hard candy, it's time to put it away and stop eating it. You could also end up with a lot of cavities with the excessive amounts of sugar you are consuming as well.

Using Tobacco Products

If you use tobacco products such as chewing tobacco or you are a smoker, it could be very harmful to your teeth and your gums. Chewing tobacco can stain your teeth and can lead to cancer of the lip or your gums over time. Smoking cigarettes can lead to cancer, and it can constrict the blood vessels in the body, which can cause receding gums and other dental issues as well. The tar from both cigarettes and chewing tobacco can be harmful to your teeth and leave your teeth with stains as well.

Not Brushing Twice Daily

If you aren't brushing your teeth every day, twice per day, for two minutes, you are not getting the plaque removed from your teeth. Your teeth may have a lot of buildup that you aren't getting off of your teeth and you may end up with tooth decay, cavities, or gingivitis. If you aren't brushing your teeth often enough, you're going to end up needing a lot of dental work. Brush your teeth twice daily for at least two minutes — and don't forget to floss.

If you have any of these poor dental habits, you need to change your ways before you end up needing a lot of dental work. Be sure you are also going to the dentist every six months for a routine cleaning and dental exam.

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