Dental Surgery For Children: Why Is It Important And Is It Safe?

An unpopular topic in children's dentistry is dental surgery for children. Although it is uncommon, sometimes the dentist might recommend a dental procedure for your young one.

As a parent, you want the best for your child, and that includes doing as much research on children's dental surgery before agreeing to it. Here is why it is essential to follow through with the recommended dental surgery for your child and why you shouldn't worry.

Why Dental Surgery Is Important for Your Child

A dentist can recommend dental surgery for your child in some unique circumstances. While it is normal to be overprotective of your child, sometimes dental surgery could be essential to help.

Proper Oral Health and Development

Baby teeth secure a space for adult teeth to grow in. Therefore, if your child loses their tooth to decay before adulthood, it is common for the neighboring teeth to drift and occupy the space. When they transition to adulthood, and the permanent teeth begin to grow in, a tooth may miss its space and result in cosmetic and dental problems like orthodontia. 

Additionally, a decaying baby tooth tends to build abscesses below the roots that aren't visible and can't often be felt. However, when permanent teeth begin to develop, they will cause pain and irreversible harm since they develop directly beneath the baby teeth. Surgery could be recommended to help smooth the transition to adulthood.

The Dentist Gets to Address the Underlying Problem

When your family dentist recommends a surgical procedure to improve your child's dental health, they believe the surgery will properly address the underlying problem. During surgery, the dentist can best examine the entire mouth and teeth.

Surgery has higher chances of addressing underlying problems effectively and smoothly. It helps dentists take note of damages they may have missed during regular treatments. Thus, the surgery could help resolve the problem to prevent the need for frequent visits in the future.

Is It Safe for a Child to Undergo Dental Surgery?

Yes, it is completely safe. The main concern for most parents is that their children will need to be administered an anesthetic during the procedure. The new national guidelines require a dentist to be in the presence of a certified anesthesiologist and trained emergency responder when sedating children. Therefore, you don't need to worry about anesthesia.

Additionally, the guidelines also specify the safety equipment that must be available during the procedure. You can be sure your child will be safe during the procedure. 

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