Protecting A Damaged Tooth With A Dental Crown

Over the course of your life, there are many dental treatments that you may need to undergo. The placement of a crown is often needed when a patient has suffered extensive damage to one of their teeth. Having a crown placed over the damaged tooth can add substantial support to it so that the tooth will be far less likely to break, crack or suffer other substantial damage.

The Tooth's Shape Will Need To Be Adjusted

Before the crown can be placed over the tooth, the shape and size of the tooth may need to be adjusted. This is done so that enough room for the crown can be made. For most patients, this process may be the most uncomfortable portion of the dental crown placement. However, a dentist will have powerful anesthetics that can be used to numb the tooth that is undergoing this work so the patient will experience as little discomfort as possible.

The Patient May Need A Few Days To Adjust To The Sensation Of Having A Dental Crown

As with other major changes to a patient's mouth, the placement of a crown can require some time before the addition will feel like a normal and natural part of the patient's mouth. For the first few days following the placement of the crown, the patient's bite may feel slightly off. During this time, the patient should be particularly mindful when they are chewing as the sensation of wearing the crown can increase the chances of biting their tongue or cheek. Limiting yourself to softer foods can assist with this adjustment so that you will be less likely to injure yourself when chewing.

It Will Eventually Be Necessary To Replace The Dental Crown Due To Wear

Modern dental crowns are extremely durable additions to make to a patient's mouth. When a dental implant is placed, the patient will be able to enjoy many years of reliable performance from the crown. In some cases, the crown may even be capable of lasting several years before the patient will need to have it replaced. Replacing a crown is necessary as it will eventually suffer extensive wear from routine use. In order to keep the tooth protected and to ensure that the crown looks as natural as possible, it will need to be replaced periodically. Luckily, this is typically a much easier procedure than the original placement of the crown due to the fact that the patient will not need to have the tooth adjusted to compensate for the size of the crown.

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