How Alcohol Consumption Affects A Dental Implant

Alcohol can be a pleasurable indulgence, but when this indulgence happens too often and in considerable quantities, it can begin to affect your health on many levels. The ways in which alcohol can affect your teeth have been well-documented, and certain dental procedures can become more complex than they otherwise would have been. What does this mean when you need dental implants? The Healing Process The first few days after dental implant surgery are crucial in terms of alcohol consumption. Read More 

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Fluoride

You may have heard your dentist mention fluoride or fluoride treatments but wondered about the benefits or drawbacks. Dentists have used fluoride to strengthen teeth for over a century. However, some people voice concerns about this mineral and possible health concerns. If you want to know more about fluoride, then here is more information about it. What Does Fluoride Do? Fluoride is a mineral that strengthens your teeth. Specifically, it assists with reducing tooth de-mineralization and increasing re-mineralization. Read More 

5 Common Dental Implant Mistakes To Avoid

Missing teeth can lower your self-confidence and make it more difficult to speak and chew. Fortunately, you have the opportunity to get dental implants. These implants look completely natural and can last a lifetime. However, in order for you to get the most from your dental implants, you have to use them properly. Here are some common mistakes you should avoid with your dental implants. 1. Opting Out of Bone Grafting Read More