Why You Should Hear What A Cosmetic Dentist Has To Say About Dental Veneers

Did you know that the average person who has never had cosmetic dentistry work performed could likely benefit from it? Many people think of cosmetic procedures as those that are only for individuals who have significant dental issues or those who are obsessed with perfection. Perhaps you have some minor issues that cosmetic dentist solutions could correct. For example, a number of people have issues with crooked teeth and assume that they will need orthodontic procedures to correct their problems. Read More 

Caring For Porcelain Veneers: Three Things To Know

Porcelain veneers offer a great way to improve your smile, whether you have damaged or stained teeth. Your cosmetic dentist can put these veneers in place to provide you with a beautiful smile for years to come, but you'll want to take care of them to get the best results. Here are just some of the ways you can properly care for your dental veneers. Get Routine Dental Care Seeing your dentist regularly is a key way to maintain your oral health and keep your veneers looking great. Read More 

Is Your Dental Crown To Blame For The Pain You Are Feeling?

After dental crowns are installed, you might experience mild discomfort. Any pain you feel should disappear shortly after the procedure is complete. If you continue to experience pain or you have had your crown for a long period of time and are now experiencing pain, here is what you need to know.   What Is Causing the Pain?  Dental crown pain can result from several causes. For instance, you could have an infection. Read More 

Faqs About Crooked Teeth And Possible Solutions

Millions of people have crooked teeth and need braces to help realign their teeth. Although many have misalignment issues, they might not understand why it has happened. If you have crooked teeth, here is what you need to know.   What Causes Crooked Teeth?  There are several reasons that crooked teeth can occur. As with other dental and medical conditions, genetics ranks as one of the most common reasons that crooked teeth develop. Read More 

Should You Have Your Silver Dental Fillings Removed?

If you've ever needed dental work on a budget, chances are you've received silver fillings before. Silver fillings are generally a more affordable option than resin or porcelain fillings, but they're also problematic for their users. Silver fillings can potentially be dangerous, and once you're no longer in a financial bind, replacing them is a good idea. Read on to learn why silver fillings can be a problem and what you can do about it. Read More